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more money to save

I finally paid off all my credit cards so now I can really save! I’ve just found out that I’m having my work contract extended in january for 3mths, then I start a new 2yr project!! This was the main reason that I decided to finacially ‘buck up my ideas’, being in debt with no emergency fund left me feeling very overwhelmed and stressed (lack of sleep and bad skin type of stressed!).

Now a huge weight has been lifted between no debt (except a small student loan, considered ‘good debt’ by these financial gurus) and now, more work. I have £1000 in saving, I want to get to £5000 by this time next year which will be my emergency fund should I be outta work between projects in the future. After that I wanna save for a house deposit and general rainy day! Lets start with the short term goal…. :o)


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It’s not a nice feeling I know, I don’t wish it on anyone. I read a book by Alvin Hall called ‘your money or your life’ and I can say it was an eye-opener (I also purchased this book second-hand with cash, another of my ‘stay outta debt’ strategies if I must buy books instead of going to the library). That feeling of stress is what I remember everytime I think of buying something I want, don’t really need and will probably only get a coupla uses out of. So, if its possible, there is a positive side of these stressed feelings if used wisely :o) (ever the optimist!).

good luck!

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