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shoemaker is Cautiously Optimistic

stop procrastinating (read all 5 entries…)

I got soooo very terribly behind on work…

... and now it all BLEW UP IN MY FACE!

I feel so useless and awfull….

... I’m a really bad person!!



I’m sure you’re not an awful person, you just let time get the best of you. Hope things work out better.

shoemaker is Cautiously Optimistic

Your probably right

... but I’m feeling reaaal low.

(not to mention 3 migraines in 2 days).

gingeringa is happy to see alot of familiar faces stil posting here....


time is my worst enemy. i am a huge procrastinator. even now….i need to get a newsletter out. ugh. anyway…i also think being a procrastinator is sort of our own way of ensuring failure. it’s a vicious cycle. otoh, i also work best under pressure.

you’re def not an awful person and shit happens. so, let’s not dwell on it and jsut learn to procrastinate less and move on to the next task at hand, shall we? learning from out mistakes is called evolving. many never make it this far!

shoemaker is Cautiously Optimistic

Thanks for the support

... I hope to get through it!


You have to understand that people who are on doctoral committees are, by majority, stereotypically unhappy and very, very, very critical people.

I know how you feel! My mentor was HARD on me, but you’ll get through it! Just keep yourself surrounded by positive people who love and care about you, and there’s nothing you won’t be able to do!!

shoemaker is Cautiously Optimistic


I actually wrote this when my work-work blew up.

Meanwhile, I now have a school-work crisis as well


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