50-50-50 Plan 50 Things to Do 50 Times the Year I Turn 50 (read all 3 entries…)
The List


1. Do 50 push ups
2. Swim 50 laps
3. Play 50 tennis matches
4. Walk 50 miles
5. Ride my bike 50 miles
6. Lift 50 pounds 50 times
7. Demonstrate 50 yoga moves


8. Plant 50 trees
9. Feed a meal to 50 homeless people
10. Do 50 hours of community work
11. Make 50 people microloans of $50 dollars through Kiva.org


12. Read 50 books
13. Watch 50 award winning movies
14. Memorize 50 Haiku
15. Memorize 50 passages from the Bible
16. Write 50,000 words about the experience
17. Make 50 blog posts about my experience


18. Send 50 books to 50 friends
19. Fast for 50 hours
20. $50 every week for 50 weeks on yourself
21. Write 50 words


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Its just a start though. Hopefully I will be able to come up with many more things before then…41 to be exact.

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Trauma_Junkie ready for recovery week, and data pushing.

Oooh Fun

I like this goal. I might adopt it, for me though it would be before I turn 40…(eek).
Are you open to suggestions? I’d suggest 50 hours of volunteersing…
and raising 50 dollars 50 times for your favorite charity…


I very open to suggestion. Thank you for the ones you have given me so far. (You don’t look 40 at all)

Trauma_Junkie ready for recovery week, and data pushing.


me, or the dog?

I’m not 40 yet, but it is approaching in a few years, which is just killing me!

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