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Robert in his new clothes.

Robert, one of the few homeless people who hang around the area where I work, had new clothes on yesterday. Usually he wears a dark blue parka with the hood pulled up over his long hair. His wide eyes shine out from the darkness even in the middle of the day. He wears dark pants and slings a gig bag (soft sided guitar bag) over his shoulder.

Yesterday he was wearing a light tan ski jacket with no hood. His hair was buzz-cut short and he had on light colored jeans and white sneakers.

I looked out the floor to ceiling window at Starbucks as he passed by and thought he looked oddly familiar. When he raised his hand next to his face, widened his eyes, and waved at the barristas, I realized who he was.

I would have like to have captured that wave. I would have also liked to have captured the looks on the faces of the young women as they realized who he was.



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