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Rebecca is back and ready to rock and roll.

lose weight (read all 41 entries…)
I've gained about 9 pounds

Since I last wrote an entry.

I’ve not been doing well with eating – pretty much whatever isn’t nailed down goes into my mouth. But I have been exercising very regularly.

I really want to get down to about 125, so now I have another 16 pounds to lose. Sigh. Will this ever be over??


See Why is working her arse off

it will be. Have faith and a good exercise is the basis for everything, so you’re alright :)

you will get there. Also keep in mind that the scale is not the be all end all. If you are lifting weights, you may gain weight because muscle is more dense than fat. also, the average person has a 5 – 10 pound weight fluctuation, so somedays you may weigh more than on others. Also, since you are female, during your time of the month, if you bloat, you will weigh more.

set a “red flag” point for yourself. set a weight that you will NEVER weigh again. when you get close to that weight, there is a problem. With the 5 – 10 pound fluctuation, don’t sweat it so much, just remember that the key to losing weight and getting healthier is consistency.


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