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charcoal apple studies this week…here’s one:


Ivymere finds strength...somewhere, somehow


Great job! What’s up next for you?

Thanks! I’ve been pondering that very question myself.

I’m starting by setting some concrete goals for 2008 – both “art business” goals, such as submitting artwork to upcoming art fairs/shows; and creative goals – becoming more skilled at portraiture, working on painting “starts” and executing more large paintings based on one of the themes I have in mind.

I’ve also been thinking about becoming a member of the Atlanta Artists Center, which would be another great way to get my artwork out there and learn more about painting.

How about yourself? What kind of art do you create?

Ivymere finds strength...somewhere, somehow

Love your avatar

Oooh good goals!!! Do you have fairs/shows in mind? You could get a booth at a smaller one – start somewhere, you know? Word of mouth is great as well.

I just bead – for fun – I had a business (just to test the waters) and sold the items I made. Mostly earrings as I get impatient doing other things.

I’m about to head off to art school in California, though :D

I have a couple of shows/festivals in mind…here’s my short list:

Art Papers Silent Auction (Feb)
Mattress Factory Open Studios (May)
Decatur Arts Festival (May)
Virginia Highland Summerfest (June)
Grant Park Summer Shade Festival (Aug)
17th Street Art Fair (Sep)
Atlanta Arts Festival (Sep)
Mattress Factory Open Studios (Nov)
Telephone Factory Art Show (Dec)

It’s really scary putting yourself out there for the first time! I’ve found this is one of the most challenging things. But the upside is that it forces you to create art, which can be a real benefit for those of us that procrastinate or want everything to look perfect.

Good luck with art school! That must be very exciting for you. Let me know how it goes. Which school are you attending? Do you plan to pursue art full-time when you graduate?

I haven’t been to art school, only community education classes, but I have a studio in a building with 10 other artists, and learn a lot from the artists I come into contact with. There are a bunch of DVDs I want to buy by prominent artists, that should be a huge help for oil painting.

Thanks for your encouragement!!!

Ivymere finds strength...somewhere, somehow


Wow, that’s quite a few but there’re nice time gaps so that’s good.

I’m still perpetually afraid people won’t like my jewelry and I don’t trust my family and friends to tell me what they really think :p. I’m a distrustful beader, lol. Don’t be too afraid – it’s normal to be nervous but have confidence!!!

Thanks – I’ll be in a school in SF – I already have a degree (graduating in a week) but it’s not really art-related. I’m going into Visual Communications (think fashion runway design-the runway not the clothes-, wedding planning, store interior and window decorating). :) Really excited!

Your studio sounds interesting. You’ll meet so many artists at the fairs and shows! :)

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