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The Sweetest Thing!

This is so cool! I received a postcard from the 43T Chicago Meet! I can’t believe it!! It’s sooo sweet and thoughtful of you guys! I’m flaterred!!!
Big Thanks to:
Todd Schnoover
Big Willy 43
Double N
Lisa G
Ruth G
Pete Sipes 23
It’s an added encouragement for me to achieve my goals!
Thanks so much!
You guys are the sweetest!


We only wish

you could have been there with us!

me too!

it’d be so cool! i’ll come there someday to meet all of you guys! very soon:)


I also received a card from the chicago group. Those guys are awesome! I hope we can arrange a group in atlanta one day.


it’s so nice to recceive an unexpected postcard! makes yous day!

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I want to:
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