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I;m not scared

should I cross this off, or wait?
I love my bf, and everyday there is something I like about him, and then there is something that he does or says stupid and gets to my button, but I still love him, and I want to spend every waking momnet with him, and the kids. just to cuddle and be held, this morning when he came home from work, (midnites) he grabbed me and hugged me, I was late for work like 5 minutes, but the whole day I will feel so loved. I dropped my daughter off, and my x husband said something that would normally piss me off, I just smiled and said I will talk to you later. Nobody was going to get me off my cloud.

He called me shortly after I got to work, and said he missed me and thought about me at work. and how thinking about helpes him make it through his day, and

then he goes on to say that he feels like he’s in a twilght zone, or something close, he said he realized this morning he is still in love with me. that was nice to hear, and I need that from time to time, he hit the spot, after I have been reading the book, 5 love languages, he has filled my love tank. his words, that’s what I needed to hear. how can I be scared of this?


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