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play with my cat more

i try, but my cat hates me like nothing else.When i rescued her i was told she wasn’t ferrel and would love me in a couple of weeks, it’s been months now but she stil hides from me then struggles and claws me if i pick her up. She came with a friend and he cuddles and brings me spiders and everything. I think i must be doing something wrong * sob * :(


gorillagal3 Life is Good. really!

give it time

i have had a few feral cats in my lifetime. one needed 5 years, the other came around quicker. but don’t force yourself on them, let it be on thier terms. that’s a cat’s way. it’s great you took in a feral cat, bless you!
do you know anyone that can reiki? that helped both mine come around. the one that i had for 5 years, came around immediatly after one reike session. it impressed me enough to learn reiki, and i used it on cat #2, which came around faster than the first cat….. he’s only 6 years old now, and i still see improvements in him. he loves me, he is just unsure of other people and usually hides when they come over.

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well she was only a kitten when she was found (apparently on a rubbish dump bless)so i dont think she was abused, but shes acting like im going to hit her or something so i thought the same thing. hopefully if i keep giving her bits of tuna she will trust me :)

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