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About a week and a half ago I had a cyst removed from my back. Since then it’s been hard moving around without having pain. I have a hard time sleeping, wake up every time I turn and this whole thing is bringing me down emotionally. Today I binged on pizza and fruit bars. I gotta stop this right now, before I do the same thing tomorrow!!!!
I haven’t been exercising, even before this happened…but now that I can’t I want to! lol.
I can walk, that I can do without feeling any pain. I walked about 15 min the other day. Not much, but a start. Today I did some weights while watching Biggest Loser. Every time I watch that show I get all enthused about living a healthy life.
I’m going to bed right now, pretty early for me (another good thing) and I’ll get up tomorrow and walk for 1/2 hour. I’ll report back in AM.


(This comment was deleted.)

wow, i hadn’t noticed you had written back…and such a long time ago. Sorry!
Thanks so much for the comment. I read it just at the right time. My hubby offered me dessert and after struggling a bit in my mind I said NO! I had such a great “food day” I don’t want to mess it up with unhealthy choices.
I’m gonna try the sour candy advice, I am usually not that crazy about sweets…but when I get cravings it’s hard to control them.
I used to drink Boost when I’d work 12 hour shifts so that I had some good nutrition in me while working. I loved those shakes. I have never tried the Carnation ones. Gotta give them a try.

Once again, thanks for your comment :)


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