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Bugs don't belong in food

But Mommmmm, I don’t want to eat bugggsssss….

Well well well, would you look at this. Look’s like I’ve been disregarding some things. Let’s take any accidental bugs out of my diet, for once and for all.




I had no idea. Yikes!

joie de vivre I'm back now

check for kosher labels

Since most insects aren’t kosher (I think only locusts are), a food product that uses insects in its manufacture, or allows over some minimal standard of insect parts, won’t be certified.

I was surprised that article shows something with the OU label – they tend to be pretty strict, and so I wonder if the sprinkles shown use a corn-based glaze rather than a shellac one.

The Ko mark I’ve never seen before, and I didn’t see it on the list of legitimate kashut agencies. It looks like they’re trying to fake an OK id, maybe?

Courtney_J is AT SCHOOL!


i dont think we should eat bugs,
thats just straight up not good.
i know it may be food for your body but i dont know about you but i want 2 enjoy my food :)

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