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Catachrest is feeling groovy

Lose 30 pounds (read all 27 entries…)
Stress is very bad for me!

Well, the past couple of weeks I have been bombing on my healthy living campaign! My exercise has gone down, my bad eating habits have returned, and my efforts to motivate myself and keep myself on track (eg tracking my food and weight) have been slacking off. Partially this is due to my tendency not to finish what I start, but moreso I think it’s due to my emotional state. I’m really bad for emotional eating; when I’m bored or worried or depressed, I seek out the chocolate. And the past few weeks I have been all of the above, for various reasons. I’ve got to get back on track; so far I haven’t gained anything back, but I’m not losing either.

It’s so weird how the mind works – or maybe I should just say how MY mind works. I KNOW that eating better and making myself get up and exercise in the mornings will help me feel better and better able to deal with the stuff that’s bothering me. I’ve experienced this over the past few months since I started this goal and the “exercise regularly” goal. But just try convincing me of that when I’m lying in bed in the morning staring out the window at cold winter clouds and contemplating going to work and how nice it would be to stay in bed all day!

Winter sucks. It’s been -30 or worse (including windchill) all week. (That’s Celsius, but at that point on the thermometer, the difference isn’t that big – C and F meet at -40). I’ve been wanting to go swimming, but the walk, relatively short as it is, to the Y and back in the dark and the cold after work is just not happening. Sigh! Yes, I could do it. But frankly it’s not a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

But I know that if I can just get back on track, maybe I can make it almost to my goal by new year’s. I only have ~9-10 pounds to go! Please keep me in your prayers! Just gotta stay motivated, eyes on the prize, to use a terribly cheesy cliché.


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Mindy loves Wii Fit!

silly, that’s why you gotta say, “it’s just one DAY”, you can’t excuse yourself for a whole WEEK! On thanksgiving, i was like eff it, I’m gonna EAT. And then I ended up riding my bike after anyway, lol and I still had leftovers for a week but I made sure to work out before or after.

Mindy loves Wii Fit!

HEY just take comfort in the fact that when you do get into the swing of things, you’ll like…want to keep doing it.
I know I’ve grown addicted to seeing how my body changes, it’s pretty awesome:D

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