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sparkleman Was here for 5 minutes, but has gone again - or has he...?

learn to sing (read all 20 entries…)
Six-week course in January

Finding my voice is back on the agenda. It’s not a technical singing course, but an emotional release singing course :-) so it could be hilarious. I’m pretty excited about it though. I want to sing strongly and well in my own accent – not the fake American one so many seem to use :) a folk-singer has to sound like his folk, no?


Morning Song is changing her life one thought at a time

emotional release singing course? That sounds very helpful. Where do you find a course like that?

sparkleman Was here for 5 minutes, but has gone again - or has he...?


I was put off at first, but then when I thought about it it’s exactly what I need to get started again.

It’s in York in the UK, run by a woman who is also a counsellor – of what denomination I don’t know. I’m really excited about it! When I was young my singing voice was one of the ways I got attention and approval from my parents and teachers. A very emotional thing for me now I’m a grown-up.

I see you’re having singing lessons and you’re enjoying them – I’m jealous. And you’re a geek and you have more employable skills than me. I’m double jealous. Can I trade you my course for your skills? ;-) Only for a couple of months until I can absorb them – then you can have them back!!!

Morning Song is changing her life one thought at a time

I wish I had a solid music education, but I didn’t. Now I have to make up for that now.

Sure, we can trade skills for a while. I’m not sure if you will like what I do for a living – be in front of a computer all day, think like a robot. That’s why I have to take singing lessons. It helps me to stay human.

sparkleman Was here for 5 minutes, but has gone again - or has he...?

I understand that completely

October 2006 I quit my job as a software engineer (half analysis, half Cold Fusion stroke SQL Server) to work for myself part-time and be primary carer for our little boy. I was so lucky to have that opportunity. However my wife is hating working full-time and there doesn’t seem to be such a thing as a part-time IT job right now, so the baton comes back to me :-)

Soooooo, I’m coming to join you in business IT land, but with all I’ve learnt this year I’m hoping to escape the negative feelings. Can I hold on to the creative Self whilst doing my old job?

Was the job making me unhappy, or would I have been unhappy in any job? Hmmmmm.

Perhaps we could do a duet? I’ll definitely need some lessons first though! lol

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