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Will I Ever Get Over Her?

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Get over my Arachnophobia (read all 2 entries…)

There’s a pretty big spider that lives on the wall above my sink. I see it everyday, I don’t bother it, it doesn’t bother me, perfect, live let live, whatever. However today when I looked up I no longer saw it, my panic level: +1. Couple of minutes later, just as I was flushing my toilet I saw it above my toilet in the corner of the wall, pnaic level now: +3. I decided not to kill it because a) I’m scared as heck and b) maybe the spider wanted a change of scenery and wanted a new home.

Anyway, few hours later I went to town on that mofo when I saw it had travelled across to the garbage can. My panic level went through the roof at that point. Travelling/exploring spiders in the bathroom not to be tolerated. Yikes I would be paranoid everytime I went to the bathroom.



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