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New ideas are not a threat

I found myself in a “working group” meeting instinctively seizing up when someone started suggesting improvements to the web site I manage. My gut reaction was to say no.

And then I stopped and kept listening.

I realized that I need to remember that there are very few times I should say no outright with respect to ideas about things we can do in our “e-communications strategy.” Most ideas are interesting if nothing else and even the ones that aren’t feasible should be met with “well, we could do that but here’s what it would cost in time, money, and organizational resources…are you willing to spend that?” The no answers will sort themselves out in that environment or those ideas will be prioritized over other things.

Being right is not center to my worth as a person or a professional. They pay me for my advice and my expertise and if they don’t listen, I can’t make them.


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