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finish my thesis (read all 19 entries…)
why i hve to do this

standing at this point i can not see an explicit posiive side finishing this thesis. lets say not a for-sure one. there migth be many benefits it will bring, job opportunities in that area. i can name two right now. but jumping on those jobs might not be good for my career. i got a loose job right now with good environemnt. can do better however.. i sometimes think totally giving up engineering work . so again this thesis will hav enothing to do.. i should not focus on this right now since it is fuzzy area. what i am focusing on, i have done a lot, i have given all the courses and committed my time to this. i should at last finish it. even if it does not matter a bit. i should do it for the times i have spent in my recent years.

3.5 months with a few more white patches and a few kilos and a relationship messed up is nothing in whole life.. hahahah the way i put the sentence made me hard to write “is nothing” section..



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