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Learning To Scream

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Learning How To Scream

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learn to screamo scream
How do you do screamo?

I really want to learn how to screamo, but i heard it damages your voice for normal singing. I take vocal lessons right now, and i like what i am doing, but i still want to learn how to screamo. Any ideas?


Well hear is some advice I found on the matter

1. Hire a good vocal coach to help you learn to “sing scream.”
2. Begin your screaming session with a good warm up. Many performers who are often required to scream warm up for at least 40 minutes. Exercise your vocal cords for at least ten minutes before trying any kind of scream.
3. Drink plenty of the correct fluids.
Water is the best choice.
4. Avoid alcohol of any kind as that can dehydrate your body.
5. Avoid milk based drinks and foods including chocolate, cream and any kind of milk. These products coat your vocal apparatus making singing all the harder.
6. Avoid sweet drinks as these also increase the production of phlegm.
7. Avoid any drink or food that decreases the production of saliva.
Rest your voice both before and after screaming.
8. Do not actually scream, rather hold a high-pitched wail singing note. A true, real scream is liable to damage the vocal chords.

Practice by focusing on your breath, resonance, range, volume and articulation.

My advice

I am vocalist in a band. I scream quite alot.

Firstly, it’s going to take time learning to scream. Be patient, don’t practise for too long at once, about 5-10 minutes a day is about enough.

Second, vocal lessons are going to help substantially. If you can sing, you will find it easier to scream. You will have learned from your vocal training to sing from your diaphram, do the same with screaming. Scream from your diaphram.

Warm up before and after you practice, pronounce vowel sounds and short words working up and down scales. I’m sure you have done similar warm ups in vocal lessons.

Drink water before and after practicing.

Most importantly, be confident in yourself. Don’t think “Oh I can’t do this, I’m going to give up!” Keep going, be persistent. After practice you will get it.

Now a small lesson on how to do it.

DO NOT! Scream from the top of your lungs, do it at the same volume as your singing voice and with the same amount of force. This will damage your voice in the short term, and eventually in the long term.

Form a sort of growl at the back of your throat, doing the same things you do for your warm ups. Once you have established this quietly get a little louder. Try growling short sentences over and over, to practice how to pronounce vowle and consonant sounds.
Gradually get louder and stronger in it, but don’t scream over the volume of your normal singing voice.

Hope this helps.
Have fun x

my screaming

ive bin screaming good over a year(im 15) and ive gotten really good. try these options

do not wisper after screaming if you have to talk use your full voice its the best for it wispering closes your air pressure witch has the same effect of screaming

warm up before and after screaming

drink room tempiture or warm WATER if you add lemon it works even better and it will get rip of mucas.

hold your breath for 30 seconds then slowly release. build up until you can do a minuite 30

proper screaming can take a year to learn so have patients

screaming is 30% skill and 70% confidence so dont be nerviose

i hope this helped

no warm water

warm water has a really bad effect on your throat and causes screaming to become alot harder and you may force out harder which isnt the best idea, quite cold water seems to be alot lighter on your throat and vocal area

no lemon!

The acid is horrible for your vocal chords. I’d give you other great advice, but just don’t have the time right now. I just had to tell you no lemon!!!

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