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Mandie9906 is loving every minute of it.

Fall in love (read all 13 entries…)
A new Girlfriend

Well, the BFF has a new girlfriend. This sucks. I don’t know.

I ran into an old friend though (ZOF), and we might go out. I also have to dump FBG. Well, I keep telling him I’m not his girlfriend, so I guess not dump just stop dating.

I think if love were easy maybe it wouldn’t be as sweet, maybe when I find love I will know its value because of all the waiting I did.

This is what I try to tell BFF. If you can find someone with a spiritual connection like ours why not go with it. He just tells me he isn’t attracted to me and it lowers my already fragile self esteem.


sounds like....

....you still in love with BFF. Is that right?

Reality of it is that he has a girlfriend now. I know that you do not want to lose him as a friend but It seams to me that this closeness to him is hurting more than helping you fall in love???

Mandie9906 is loving every minute of it.

You're Right

This closeness is hurting me, but when I try to cut him out of my life he works really hard to not let me go, and then it makes me fall in love with him all over. I’m trying to focus on his weaknesses, but that is awkward for me.

Kiss BFF Goodbye

Does he know you love him?

It sounds to me like he wants to be your friend not your lover. I am not sure why you’re hurt knowing that he does not have feelings for you. Maybe you find him attractive or something… Whatever it is you are going to have to move on too as he did at some point and make firm decision once for all and focus your attention on finding your true love.

Mandie9906 is loving every minute of it.

It hurts because I am seriously head over heels in love with him. If he walked in here right now and told me he wanted to marry me I would. I would do anything for him and with him. It would make me confident that the decision I would make would be the best one ever. I definitely find him attractive, but it is more than that. In him I find understanding and a confidant that I have never experienced before. I completely trust him and I know he feels similarly. He plans to have me as a business partner and pictures me as part of his life FOREVER. I just want the rest of our relationship. I want the commitment and the Love from him. While that is not happening I’m accepting all offers from other people for dates. What more can I do? I told you he refuses to allow me to cut him out of my life.


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