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I really think I’ve done this successfully. It was hard. My friend called around christmas to “catch up”. Everyone was like, DON’T call that bitch back. But that isn’t really me, I realized. Just like I kept giving her chances to change and truly be my friend, I felt as though I should explain myself. So I txt messaged her to say: I still cry that we aren’t best friends anymore, but if I called you, I wouldn’t even know where to start… I hope you’re doing well in life and that you have a good christmas.

I have no illusions of being best friends again, like I did before. We just have no contact and I want to keep it that way. I want people who love me and give the same as I do in my life. My boyfriend started to treat me badly and I reminded him that this is my goal. I never want to stick around someone who could act… without feeling… No more negativity. I feel like I have changed a lot without having my best friend always there with me. In a good way.

To people who are afraid of letting go of someone who is bad… Let go, it’s lonely. However, you’ll get through it. There is always a new friend in the horizon. Once you feel positive about yourself again, you’ll be able to forgive and move on. Be with someone who has your feelings at heart! It’s freeing. Don’t drown in others criticism and self hatred, be your own strength and leave those people behind you. My life has changed.


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