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dakk is awake listening to my sick 5 year old cough

Loose 80 pounds----I am on my WAY (read all 3 entries…)
My last weigh in was last week

I am now 226.5! 21 and a half pounds gone! The even bestest thing is no one even thinks I weigh 200 pounds let alone as much as I do. I carry it well. SO I am even looking better, feeling better (now that my New Year Flu is over) and I can get back to Belly Dancing! It really is a great way to exercise and it is totally FUN!


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dakk is awake listening to my sick 5 year old cough

LOL I also will be taking private lessons in March from a teacher in Atlanta once a month and maybe starting next month at the local University’s Continuing Education department. I have to find the funds first… a six week class is $89 dollars.

The BellyTwins are also of Indian decent, but first generation American – they do belly dancing and Indian dancing both folk traditional and modern/fusion. Here is their website: http://www.bellytwins.com It is just one more reason I am very interested in learning about that part of my heritage, the dances, music and the clothes are so beautiful!

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