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the international hog of mystery explore, learn, disco...

never get a tattoo
what is so cool about tattoos?

other than the wearer’s body (possibly)?

angelina jolie… yummmm… i love her tattoos, because they’re on HER.

p.s. no, i’m not a lesbian. i just really dig very cool people.



I agree

tattoos seem to be waaaaay overrated.

the international hog of mystery explore, learn, disco...


if it weren’t for the lovely angelina, i’d even say this: tatoos may be a way to overcompensate for a perceived lack in some self-image area.
but really, angelina seems like one of the few humans who seem to really keep it together.

i can seem tough and scary even without any ink embedded in my skin. :)

but then i’m pretty sure i overcompensate in other ways… my occasional desire to overachieve seems quite sickly if u look at it from afar.

my goodness… i really hope i’m not an A type personality. that would b scary.

nosebleed augh!

It seems that...

... every woman on the planet wants to do Angelina Jolie, regardless of sexual orientation.

the international hog of mystery explore, learn, disco...

hey, if brad wants to do her...

don’t u think that’s a cue?

okay. i don’t want to DO her. i just adore her as a human being – for the proud loyalty to her own self, for the head held up high every time she steps into a cheering crowd, for the caring heart and involvement with real issues, while she could carelessly snort coke and b a hollywood barbie.

this is why i adore angelina.
she’s more than skin-deep, and i find that fascinating, even if she tatoos her skin.

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