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I feel like SUCH a bum. Not only did I not wake up at 5:00 to go jogging but I slept in until 6:40.
So yet another day of me flying out the door with hot rollers in my hair and speeding down I-35 whilst trying to put on make-up. Ugh! Ok Dr. Phil says that there is always some sort of pay-off for our behavior otherwise we wouldn’t do it. For some people who are habitually late to everything it’s a sub-conscious attention thing…and some other things but anyway that’s not me. I’m usually VERY punctual… so I’m not sure what my pay-off is for this bad habit.
Maybe I’m trying to do too much. I am still exercising at night so I can accept the fact that for the time-being, I am not one of those 5am joggers. If I could just at the very least be ready to walk out the door on time, I would be a very happy lady.
Ok well I said this yesterday but…I’ll keep trying!



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