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Simon isn't ungoogleable.

let Simon know how much he has been missed when he gets back...oh how i miss him :( (read all 3 entries…)
Hey buddy!

How’re you doing? We missed you, and it’s great to see you back. Don’t go away again, y’hear?


Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!


Did you write that note to yourself?
I am totally confused! By the way, Hi! How are you? Hope you are doing well:)

Simon isn't ungoogleable.

Yup, it was me.

The goal was on my list, it seemed only right to actually do it. :)

I’m pretty good, nearly back to my kind of normal. How the hell are you?

Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

I am good!

My nephew is here and so cute. We went to the beach w/ him today. He lost his hat so we turned my scarf into a headwrap hat, it was sooooo cute!! I’ll have to post a photo.

intothebreach Did not fall off the face of the earth, but came close

So, you here to stay then?

Hi, that is good to hear. Welcome back.


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