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Challenge myself this winter! (read all 6 entries…)

I’m not being so diligent with the updates, I see. Ah well. Been a bit preoccupied.


Have been doing well on my continuations.

Shamefully, haven’t finished a single book since last update. A bunch of school junk has been detracting from my reading time, not to mention Sweeney Todd. Will make more time for it from now on.

Up to 28000 grains on freerice.com.

Met my quota for number 3 rather quickly. I thought it would be hard but it’s actually fun.

Number 6 is twice completed. Wouldn’t mind completing it again.

Nothing else has changed.

So, updated list:

Not continuations
1. Read at least 15 books, including Lolita (for God’s sake).
2. Donate 22000 grains of rice to freerice.com
3. Consider what to include in my “This I Believe Essay.”
4. See Sweeney Todd live (3/1/08 =])
5. Practice driving an average of 50 minutes a week (not difficult).
6. Make time to meditate at least once a week.
7. Look into the price of renting a cello.
8. Distribute resumés/apply places upon my 16th birthday (which is quite soon, in fact).


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