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try to do it everyday

I have taken several bellydance classes but since I moved I haven’t been able to take any. I practice a lot just at home or when I am walking down the street. It is so much fun. I would like to get better and perform with a group or solo for my husband :)


Harijan Romantic Self-Knowing Believer

practice everyday!

what got my hips more flexible was just dancing whenever i was standing. whether i was drinking water, cleaning dishes, taking a shower, vaccuming, putting on make up… the stuff that requires you to be most still up top is the best, though. trying to put on make up and shimmying is a little tough in the beginning, but it helps you learn to isolate better. i’ve taught belly dance, and it’s one of the most uplifting, wonderful experiences ever. it’s also in my blood. ::arab pride::

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