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Change my room

well, my room is kindof a mess. complete mess.

i wanna do something myself on the wall beside my wardrobe, find some new wallpaper for the wall behind my computer.
wanna make a lomo wall with my own lomos behind the door.

i need a new space to put my books, they don’t fit inside the usual place.
there’s no need to keep so much stuffed toys on the shelf where i could put something else.

i have to find another place to put magazines. they don’t fit there anymore – they’re with the books. that’s why they cannot be there anymore.

i need more shelves, just to put my own stuff, they’re… hidden.

well, there’s A LOT of things i wanna change here.
i just want to make sure someone lives inside here.
not just a house. HOME.



I want to:
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