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Help Julie Jordan Scott Have The Best Birthday Ever On Jan.29th
From St. Teresa:

Dios no ha de forzar nuestra voluntad; toma lo que le damos; mas no se da a sí del todo hasta que nos damos del todo.

God does not force our will; God receives all that we give him; but God does not give himself fully until we give ourselves fully.

May you be flooded with blessings on this birthday.

(I know you don’t live in snow country, but it’s snowing here in Chicago as I write this!)


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Bless you for including

Teresa in English AND Spanish! That is marvelous!

(I think that is something like maravillosa? Or am I wrong?! AH, well, you know what I mean!)

RuthG lives.

in this case,

maravilloso! (masc. instead of fem.)

Happy birthday!

Dreamer~ Forward, onward, and upward


I love this quote- St. Teresa is one of my favorites! It’s extra special, because you translated it. Thanks for sharing both versions~

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