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design my own clothing

I now own a dressmaker dummy that is exactly my size, and I have lots of ideas, so. . .


infiniteissabella imagine faith

how wonderful

to have a form to build the clothes on. what kind of clothes do you like?

I like a lot of things, but it never seems like I can find what I’m looking for! I get a picture of something in my head, and then shopping, I get stuck and don’t buy anything because I have an IDEA. I like a sort of gypsy, hippie look-to a point. I love skirts. I am fairly small, and with shoulders that fit into a size 6 with a size 12 bust and 10 waist and 8 hips, well, you get the picture. Try dressing that! My mom and I have altered patterns for me before, but she is not always around, so I have my form, and my first project will be a low-waisted skirt with a yoke and fairly full skirt.

Do you sew? What would you invent to wear if it was up to you? I have found some of the most fantastic web sites: http://www.kambriel.com/home.html. (I just have a feeling you will like it.)

infiniteissabella imagine faith

clothing design

yes i do sew, not as much lately because the glass keeps me really busy, but I would like to make clothes that fit and are comfortable. The neck line is usually important to me and the fabric choice. I see a lot of secondhand clothes that call to me to remodel slightly. I want to do more of that. the website was cool. I am in an annual show called “wild woman” so I am always looking for something unusual to wear for that. I do want to make some simple casual tank tops out of some reclyled fabric I found, maybe the back will be different fabric. I am actually going to make a quilt out of my grandmother and great grandmother’s handkerchiefs. I also got some cool vintage clothing from her. have fun with your project, I think the manikin would help so much.

Recycled Tank Tops

I bought a great tank from a woman at the Saturday market. She makes clothing from other clothes. The top I bought: the body is made mostly from one t-shirt. She cut a bias binding to line the top edge and make straps from another piece of cotton knit. There is a 3” border around the bottom from a different old t-shirt. She used pieces of velvet and cordoroy to applique a small design on the front.

That seems doable, whether you have a form or not. I think the binding would be the most difficult part: getting a piece long enough to cut on the bias and then shaping it so it fits right on the chest and shoulders.

infiniteissabella imagine faith


this is exactly the ideas I was looking for and the detailed part about the bias binding is important, I wonder if there is any cool readymade velvet binding in cool colors available somewhere, then we would have semi recycled clothes. I also love the idea about adding the border of the other shirt on , then I could contol the length so it fit better for me. this was fun


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