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flowers Part III

The meeting with the second florist went really well. She’s so thorough, on top of things, and seems easy to work with. After a week or so, she finally was able to put together my proposal, and it was 15 pages long! This is her being thorough. Wow. She’s very visual, and so a lot of that is pictures, but I’m pretty visual, too, so it’s nice to see flower options staring me in the face!

This is where the decision is so tough. I LOVED the first florist, but I met with her when I was still really uncertain about what I wanted, and her proposal contains some ideas that I’m not as excited about. This other florist is visual, which I love, so we can see exactly what the other is thinking about. And she’s nice enough, but the other florist and I were just on-par with each other!

The first florist has been extremely patient with me while I’ve been waiting to meet with the second, and now that I have proposals from both, I almost want to go back to the first one and see if we can hammer out some of the same ideas…

And there’s J, of course. Even though “flowers are not his strongpoint,” I need to show him the two proposals, and see what he thinks.


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