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robert is checking out 43t

trust my inner voice and heed what it tells me
I kinda knew...

...but decided to believe what she said, because you just got to trust when those who say they love you tell you something, right?

Funny, cos here I am yet again having listened and trusted in what she said, only to be in the same position once again.

Cryptic? Yeah a little – Ive been a fool, again! No detail other than to say enough is truly enough.

Pity the person who is incapable of truth, lesson learnt; some people are very very sick, love cannot conquer all.


Dana is...bringing her own sunshine has been gone for far too long!


I’m sorry. I see this was written several weeks ago…I hope things are better now.


robert is checking out 43t


Hi Dana

I’m good, another Melon Collie moment. ;)

I gotta start making a few more positive entries :)

Hope you are good girl!

Dana is...bringing her own sunshine has been gone for far too long!


I’m good. Hectic life as usual, but good. Keeping busy, staying positive, all that good stuff.

Yes you need to write some postive entries!

Glad you are doing better!

Take care,

robert is checking out 43t


Glad to hear it Dana – Rolling stones gather no moss :)

Dana is...bringing her own sunshine has been gone for far too long!


Then I guess I will never gather moss! I seem to be rolling all the time!

Guess that is a good thing huh?


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