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wear my sisters clothes
wearing my sisters clothes & lingerie

as a teenager I was wearing my two sisters clothes and first of all their lingerie as often as possible. So great feeling to have those delicate satin & lace on… In fact it was my older sister who told me to wear her full silky slip or nightgown and panties to bed at some cold night when I was some 8 or 9 years old as i remember. And after that I was hooked forever… A few years later I got caught by her with my secret lingerie collectionand my fetish. Now I think she knew of my bad habit much earlier as she must have noticed her lingerie items missing… as well of my other sister’s… They were and still are wonderfull Sisters. They never told my Mom of my naightiness…


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Was you older sister the main influence in your crossdressing?

or did you always know that you wanted to wear your sister’s clothes? Also, how did you feel “being caught” by your sister for your lingerie collection when she encouraged you to wear her silk slip to keep warm on a cold night?

Why do you call cross dressing a bad habit and feeling naughty? I would think if cross dressing makes you feel good about yourself why be ashamed of this? Relish the ability that you have the courage to wear what you want and not care what others think. If you sisters help you out that’s beautiful, how do they treat you when you cross dress? Just curious, you don’t have to respond if this is too private to answer, I understand and it might be too personal to ask these questions, as I am just a straight male.



George :)

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