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be financially independent (read all 9 entries…)
So what does this one mean?

At least I have no debt. That’s already something.
But I have only a couple of months of savings.
The problem is right now I earn too little money. I’ve been more a “mom” than anything else in these last three years, but I want to make more money now. Money enough to be able to support me and my son, if need be. That’s what independence means for me. And money enough to save something, too.


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to not have debt...

Oh, how wonderful that would be to me!

Well it is true that most of that is “secured” debt (ie, tied to property on which I live) – holy-moly, it’s a lot and stressfull…

I applaud you! Oh, and cheer!


thanks! I still feel so behind if compared to other people my age… I must be the “least successful”, materially speaking, if compared to my high school friends. But no debt means already something. I still want to make sure I could support my child completely on my own. I read your #2 goal, and what you did about your will (be proud of that!!), so you, better than many people, know how things can change.
I want to write a will soon, too.

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It seems your daughter is old enough or at least mature enough to understand. Good for you! I hope you’ll find a way of getting back to working at home, or at least to cut back to just one of the jobs… I’ll be cheering.

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