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dandv CHECK MY DONE and GIVEN UP lists!

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Have fun writing checks

It amazes me how pretty well in the 21st century, the American financial system is still littered with such antiquated systems as hand-written checks.

Checks annoy me for a number of reasons:
  1. when I get checks, I have to physically “endorse” them, go to an ATM and cash them in, or mail them in. What a waste of time (and paper). All this when my banking account doesn’t physically exist; all that it is, is a bunch of bits in a bank’s electronic storage
  2. some people, especially old folks, prefer to use checks, because debit/credit cards are more difficult to use! I mean, think about the numerous steps to use a credit card at Safeway:
    • Find card
    • swipe card wrong way
    • realize it was wrong, turn it around,
    • keep turning till you finally get it right
    • enter pin
    • realize you’ve just entered the wrong pin
    • try re-entering
    • watch as the cashier sighs/rolls their eyes because you’re paying for a newspaper, pack of cigarettes and some gum on a debit card
    • select no cash back
    • validate purchase
    • realize you forgot something and cancel the whole transaction, further pissing off the cashier
    • add your new item
    • re swipe card
    • ......

Finally, when I write checks, there’s place to put in all sorts of silly and redundant information.

For the last reason, I will take my revenge on checks. Here’s my first entry, a check to pay the garbage. Click the picture :)


ywoof Life is good

funny checks

I paid my lawyer with a check that had “flying pigs” on it. I figured he’d be the last person to withhold payment from.

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