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not a priority for me now

I don’t know that I want to fix this, because 1. being shy has its advantages and gives me time to study, and at this time that I am back in school, I realize this is an asset.
2. Besides, I think it is more something others want from me, and not something I want necessarily. It becomes an issue around December because it is a social season. Also, when there are multiple weddings my mom is going to, she wants me to go with her and wishes that I would enjoy them and be more social, but it is exhausting to me, and it results in more arguments with people – sisters, mom and a few friends. But, being shy has enabled me to avoid getting too distracted, and pretty soon just feel “blah.” I think my mom and my family wishes I was more extroverted and my closest friend has said she wished that I would go out more, be more sociable (like I was in my early 20’s). she wishes I was more like my younger sister, who is extremely outgoing, talkative, loud, and exciting. in fact, maybe I need new friends who share my interests more instead of changing my personality- I am tired of her comparing me to my sister and while it is tempting to change, I would not be able to spend time doing what I am working toward achieving. At the end of the day, all a person has is oneself to answer to and I couldn’t stand myself if I worried about my inability to be outgoing all the time.


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