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have more children
Would love to have more children

My husband and I are officially infertile. We went through one round of IVF and are blessed with one beautiful son. My pregnancy was so incredibly difficult I just don’t know if I can go through it again no matter how deep my desire to have more children. I was pregnant with triplets and lost one in utero at 22 weeks into the pregnancy after his amniotic sac ruptured. I was able to continue my pregnancy until 32 weeks, 3 days when I delivered my 2 living babies. That day, we learned my daughter had severe congenital heart defects and she passed away after 2 weeks. My husband and I agreed we would not try to get pregnant after age 40….so that gives me one year to give it another shot. Please pray for us!


My prayers are with you! What a difficult thing to go through, I am glad you have one beautiful son to share the world with, and I wish you well with your endeavors for another child.

Shenoa is running errands

Thank you!

Good Luck, I hope you get pregnant Again!

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