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I’m noticing some more progress. I believe it’s due to some light biking at the gym. This is less strenuous than walking because your body weight is not on your legs. It’s a good way to build up the leg muscles gently. It also seems to be realigning my knee/thigh. For lower body I also do a very light leg extension for the quad and a leg lift for the hamstring (can’t do curls because the bar would rest on my achilles). Then I work out the upper body while sitting or laying down so as not to stress my leg. So far so good. My leg gets sore when I use free weights (because I have to pick them up while on my feet), so I try to keep that to a minimum.


hi you are not alone

unfortunately in similar boat,your body tends to stiffen up other joints above and below can get affected but, you may get some better mobility if you get rid of stiffen in other joint eg hip
if you havent tried already you have nothing to lose if get into hydrotherapy pool,sauna, spa, swimming, also found the best bikes to use are fan/air bikes where you control the resitance they are smoother
anyway good luck and great inspirational pic says it all


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