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One of my secret desires is to have a song written about me. There are a few people who sing certain songs to me with my name inserted into them, but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for here. For the longest time, I’ve wished that some beautiful musician would come along, be inspired by me, and write a song about me that I can sing and cherish forever. I know a few people who write songs, but to my knowledge they’re never about me. I have this secret hope that while my friend Aaron is away in California, he’ll write something about me. Even just a line in a song would satisfy. And don’t get me wrong here—I don’t necessarily want to have a romantic song written about me. Especially if it’s written by Aaron. haha. I love him, but definitely don’t want him to write romantic songs about me. I just hope that someday, someone will make me their muse. Even if it’s just long enough to write one simple little melody. Now that would be an amazing thing to be able to pass on to my kids and grandkids. And I’ll just have to sing it every day until then to keep it fresh in my memory.


morethansparrows cold long winter


could see it happening!

Thanks, Deb!

I hope it does.
I hadn’t read this entry since I posted it back in February. It was a little awkward to read. I was surprised at how truthful and revealing it was. How uncharacteristic of me. haha.
Plus, I forgot that this was something I ever wanted. Reading an entry about it online was an interesting way to be reminded. It really is something I’d still like to happen. Isn’t that a weird thing to want? Eh, I suppose there are stranger things.

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