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worst experience of my entire life

megan was really sweet and cooked dinner for me on monday night.. it was CHEESE ravioli and PARMA ROSA sauce.. a deadly combo for my stomach.. i had planned on just being like i have to go get something outta my car and then u know.. making myself feel better.. well that would have been nice but then i had to pee.. so i broke my personal code and for the first time probably ever went to the bathroom in someones house.. lalala no problem right? WRONG. the toilet did not flush. i died. right there. then i freaked out and about 1.5 mins later i told meg.. well she kinda guessed cause i was too embarrassed to speak.. i actually broke into a sweat from being so gosh darn nervous.. so she got me a plunger but it was a crappy one and after i would plunge it wouldnt pop back out.. it didnt unclog.. so i went and told meg and i was freaking out and she was like no whatever its no big deal and she went and got her mom and said it was her.. and her mom got it unstuffed.. it was a terrible experience though.. so hysterical to hear the two of them in there laughing at the situation though.. cause meg knew i was laughing and her mom just had no idea.. it was funny



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