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This won’t happen for a while. I live no where near any place that is surfable. I think the closest place is Kalahari water park. They have a Flowrider. So the next time I go to the ocean, I need to set up surf lessons. I refuse to leave the ocean until I successfully ride at least 3 waves. Why 3? 1 and 2 could just be luck.
This could be a dangerous goal. Surfing is one of those things that gets into your blood. When you see waves, you have to ride them. It’s all you can think about during your day and at the end of the day, it’s all that matters. I could possibly drive me to move to the ocean. Just like this rock climbing jazz is driving me to a rockier location. Cali would be nice. But not popular Cali. Somewhere unheard of but still coastal. Some place with enough rocks to keep my hands chalked up and enough ocean to keep my feet wet. That’d be cool…


Biesha Is loving this nice weather!!!!

I loved surfing it was the most funnest thing ever…until I got water…salt warter in my lungs then I laughed… it only made it worst… then I coughed up a lung and did it again!!!! YAY ETHAN!!!! you should come with me and some other people out west for a few days this summer

<3 Alice

California keeps coming up lately.

I think it’s a sign. A sign that I need to go to California. It’s strange because before a few months ago, I hated the thought of going there. But all of a sudden, I can’t get it out of my head. If I had the time and money, I’d take a road trip out there ASAP. If only…

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