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buh bye week 7

today is day 6 on amber and the end of week 7 of toilet training. hello is getting more comfortable with the amber stage and her potty schedule is getting closer and closer to back on track. i have to stress putting your kitty on a feeding schedule during toilet training. it makes everything so much easier when you can predict what time she will need to go. also, when you introduce a new change, kitty will probably go off track but when she is back on track, it is a good indicator that she is comfortable with the change and is no longer hesitating or holding anything in.

i am continuing to reposition hello while in mid-elimination. she is going 100% on the disc now with 4 paws in the litter unless i reposition her and then she gets some through the hole into the toilet. she won’t ever assume the position on her own (front paws on the white seat, back paws on the same side of the hole behind the front paws). i’m going to have to get creative in teaching her how to do this on her own.

btw, i posted hello’s wish list which is full of lots of really modern cat stuff: http://www.freewebs.com/myhellokitten/helloswishlist.htm


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