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get out of the army
army sucks

I really wish I could get out of the Army,but I really have no other job waiting for me on the outside world.The Army is like a prison that you volunteer to be put in.It’s retarded,never makes since,and I hate the so called “Army Values” that no one follows.Who came up with this crap?Im very cynical I know,but it could be worse I admit…..I could be in the Marines.


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It's not that bad

If you really wanna get out though you should, I mean if its like prison try living in the outside world. You pay rent, electric bills water bills car insurance ugh.. I don’t know what the Army is like but I know that some days the Marines can suck pretty bad. Live day to day. I wanna do my 20. Suggestion: Become an officer! it’s like being a civilian, right? lol

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Yeah like married people with bills don’t join the army. Get the fuck outta here idiot !!!!

Yes, it's that bad

I would rather live a life outside of the army than stay in. The army is full of snakes they act like your their buddy but, then right as soon as you’re not there they talk smack behind your back. Plus, you do stupid training that don’t pertain to your MOS all the time. People treat you like shit on a daily basis constantly. People in the army are quick to point out the negatives but, when someone improves or does something good they never get recognition. The army is full of poeple who never have common sense and they are stupid as fuck. I can’t wait to get out!

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I totally agree

People who have been in for awhile have been come so institutionalized that they don’t know that what they think and do is wrong and not normal to current societies way of thinking. I’m currently serving in the Army and will be getting out in November of 2011. As far as what was said about paying bills, so freaken what! Grow up and grow a pair. It’s called being an adult. You can’t stay attached to Uncle Sam’s Tit for the rest of your life.


y dont u grow a pair and join the marines

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Lose the high school jock wannabe attitude bitch. You just need to grow up !

Lose the high school jock wannabe attitude bitch. You just need to grow up !

I love the 7 Army values and the NCO/Soldier creed but I don’t….. You understand? I am not motivated enough in this shitty army. Just want to finish my 3 years and get out. Only been in for a little over a year and it’s not worth it. They try and brain wash you into thinking there isn’t nothing on the outside for you only the Army is here for you when you just have to work a little harder and do some college while your in the Army and after to get a good job. That’s all it take is a little bit of effort. The NCO’s and officers don’t realize they were once privates to, or dumb asses, and are human as well. I don’t care about getting written up or an article 15 they can all kiss my ass.

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