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Achieve distinguished area status as Toatsmasters Area Governor (read all 30 entries…)
Positive praise and feedback

Two club presidents in my area indicated that they will nominate me for the Area Governor of the year award. I am very happy that the people, with whom I worked closely, feel that strongly about the contribution I made in the area. I do not really care whether I get the award or not but I do appreciate their vote of confidence in my leadership.

I am not sure yet if my area will achieve distinguished status but all the clubs in my area has a stronger membership base than when we stated this year. All my club presidents really supported me so well in my Area objectives and each made a unique contribution to make my year successful.

I nominated one of my club presidents for the Toastmaster of the year award because I really think he deserve such an award. He took a club of 9 members and no interest in bein part of the club’s executive committee, doubled the membership base and now have a strong executive committee. His club hosted the Toastmasters day for all the clubs in my area. He arranged the club’s 40th birthday and encouraged his club to have a Humerous hop about competition in which eight clubs participated. He brought old Toastmasters back into the club and kept building his members skills through educational presentations. He went far beyond the call of duty by presenting educational presentations at various other clubs. None of this was done for any reward and recognition since he is already a Distinquished Toastmaster. I really think he should get the Toastmaster of the year award.

Another club president has already stepped forward to take over from me as Area Governor. She has done so well with her club in the past year that I am certain that she will be ultra successful as an Area Governor. The fact that she volunteered shows the quality of people I had the honor of working with. She has a poitive attitude that can only benefit the area’s future growth.I made a promise to support her if ever she needs some assistance.

The present Division Governor nominated me, with my agreement, for the role of Division Governor. My nomination is currently supported by at least three of the other five area governors in the division. So it seems likely that I will get the opportunity to continue a bit further on the leadership track of Toastmasters International.



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