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Pose nude for an art class
I Posed Nude in College

When I was 19, and in college, I answered a campus add looking for a male life art model. I needed the extra cash, and I thought it would not be a big deal. But the classes were alot bigger than I thought they would be, about 80 students in a large lecture hall. The students were seated at elevated levels, and I posed naked on the lower level, so all could look down at me. Not all were art students, I found out. Some were in other majors but had to take drawing credits for their degree. I think some were engineering majors. There were the jock type guys who took the class as an elective thinking there would be a female nude model. Also, on several occaisions, a guy would go out of his way to talk to me for as long as he could after class. Anyway, I almost freaked out the first time I had to stand there naked and do awkward poses in front of all. There were laughs, comments, etc. I was not ashamed as I worked out regularly and was in good physical shape. But still felt very vulnerable. I would have to take all cloths off behind a screen at the far corner in front of the lecture hall, and walk about 40 ft to my posing spot. The way it worked out, I would have to be stripped before class started, so I would have to wait in the front of the class naked until all students arrived. They would have conversations, etc. while I waited naked standing in front of the lecture hall.The wait was usually for about fifteen minutes. The prof. insisted I be ready early so class could start on time. There were other times when I would have to wait naked while one class ended, and until another started. Students comming and going, while others peered through the door while classes were changing. This one guy would always walk his very hot girlfriend into her drawing class, and give her a long kiiss goodbye in front of me while I stood there naked. That was for some reason, pure torture. There were some very hot females in those classes. That was pure hell at age 19. I would often get smiles while walking on campus, and in some of my classes. I could never be sure if the those smiles were comming from students in the art classes I worked, because for the most part, I could never bring myself to look at the students directly. I guess I thought I would not be seen as much if I did not look. It was usually be accident when I got a good look at some of the students. And the good looking ones who were well dressed always added to the naked factor, humiliation. I worked the classes for 3 semesters. Nevers really got used to it. Always felt naked, awkward, uneasy feeling in chest, stomach and throat. I was kinda relieved when it was over. I finished what I started and brought in needed extra cash. But it was not for me long-term. Never got passed that degraded feeling of posing nude in front of a fully clothed crowd. Cheers…


male female

Are you a male are female model?
Most places where I model, the model has to put robe on during breaks.You change into robe in bathroom are behind the screen as you did, but put a robe on till time to drop it to model. I have walked about 15 feet nude in class. Most of the girls will look away as soon as the pose is over.

Sometime people come into the class who are not members of the class but not many.
Maybe one are 2 during the semester.
I model for a college open life drawing party that was free for the students and $5 for other who wanted to draw. I think some may have came just to look at my nude body (but every acted as if they were there for art experience).

ingotblue, they set some ridiculously unsettling conditions for you in those classes.
I posed once to substitute. The instructor just asked me and my mindset at the time was no problem. Being a last minute substitute I posed clothed.
Sometime later some aquaintances were chatting and it came up i posed for an art class after a girl mentioned she was doing an 2-d student project and could use a model prefering a male . She asked me so i figured why not. She’d pay me a 100bucks for a couple afternoons.
She and her classmate reserved an empty class and I posed first clothed and then nude.
Some woman stopped by the class and asked her friend how to find some room. While they were talking by the door, the woman had her 2 daughters, maybe 12-13 yrs old go sit down and wait. So as the 2 women were sorting things out, this woman’s daughters are sitting right there in the classroom as I’m standing nude.
I’m no prude but it was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t move without messing up the pose.
The mother saw me and appeared taken aback. Still she continued asking things before finally shuffling her kids out.
I wouldnt tell anybody they shouldnt pose for artsake, but make sure everything is under control first.

(This comment was deleted.)

I was a nude male model at community college

I got my degree in graphic design so we had a few art prereqs. I took art 101 2d and 3d art, then I got to pick art history or nude figure drawing. I wanted to improve my art skills so I took the later course. I wanted to make some extra cash so I asked my art teacher about the modeling job. It was $10/class in 1998. And you couldnt be enrolled in the college. So during the summer I started my new job (didnt go to school there in summer) and when I went on to V tech. It was so hard to sit (or stand or knell) posed without doing anything so I whould look at a clock in the corner or something and my mind would wander a few times, I was so embarrassed at the time- I was thinking about sex and my penis (which is small when soft) blue up like a ballon, the more I tried to fight it- the larger and harder it got. some girls started gigelling. finally my art teach felt my pain and she started talking about how we were all human and then she -actually complemeted me and siad that I have the most beautifull penis she’d ever seen and and my penis started to deflate, as I reilized she was right we human and lol I did and still do have a beautifull looking penis (esp. when enlarged) well that’s my nude model story for ya,—AJ

I have to say, any model could’ve waited around in their robe for the class to actually start before being nude. You don’t have to wait around naked, you can wait by the stage and when its time then you drop you robe. All you had to do is ask if your not comfortable with something.

As far as the doors being open and people looking, this happened to me lots, its not too much of a big deal, since it was all within the art department of the school not an isolated room in the middle of the campus. Once I actually had a group prospective students touring the university come in an observed as I modeled for the class.

About the size of the class, 80 people, I admit would be really nervous to pose such a large class.

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