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Morrigu is practicing my harmonium!

become better at capoeira (read all 3 entries…)
Moving along

This is doing well, slowly up surely. At first towards the start of this semester I felt like my capoeira was really crappy. I was slow and not remembering stuff from last semester, even though technically I am intermediate, aka know my stuff more than the beginners, I guess.

But lately I have been getting into this. My teacher suggested to the class practicing outside of class and I decided, if I REALLY want to improve, which I do, then I must make time to practice outside of class.

So outside of class I “played” capoeira with my computer chair on Thursday. XD I practiced some kicks and rolls and defenses and wahtnot. It felt really good, and I know I am improving on a couple of my kicks, and learning new moves, too.

Also, I think my reflexes are getting faster as a result of capoeira. I move faster, have more stamina and strength, and can dodge friends’ attempt to pinch my nose (lol) or block, more easily. It’s awesome.

The songs are getting easier, too. I just have to listen, and I can catch the Portuguese pronunciation and sing along. Yay!

Now I just need to practice even more, and get braver. That way when my teacher says “next two!” I will be brave enough to be play in the circle against an opponent. I need to be more aggresive and brave, more confident, so I can do this. I believe that the more you play capoeira, the better you get, so I must practice so that I can be confident and in the playing circle more.




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