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I am on a mailing list for shoplocal.com . It sounds like a great deal, but most of the deals are for stuff I don’t need or use so I glance at it and forget it. Earlier this week they had a Home Depot ad that included a sale on the bead board stuff like I used in pantry. We’re going to use it all around the laundry room too and need about 3 more bundles of it.

DH and I spent an hour trying to figure out if it was worth the $4 off per bundle to get it now and maybe put it up earlier than we’d planned.

Then, I noticed that the ad I was looking at was for WI? wtf? I went into the change location, put in my zip and it still seemed to be WI? I bailed, got on the Home Depot site and sure enough, the stuff isn’t on sale here. :0(

I got another email from shoplocal.com today and I thought god I must have it wrong in my profile so I go to change it. Well, we live in NH, all zip codes in NH start “03” the program truncated my zip code so it dropped the 0!

I HATE brain-dead software. More, I hate being vitimized by stupid programming!

I deleted every single email from them I still had in my in box. Why should I keep them? They’re all deals for WI!

New inbox total unread emails: -2482- 2463


P.S. DH (former programmer that he is) says the problem is that they’ve defined the zip code field as a number, when it’s alphanumeric. I just assumed that they’d done an auto edit, but what do I know? (Not enough to be a programmer, I guess.)


JudithKD Requests no links, tweets, or shared content ...thx!

They fixed it!

Yesterday when I got an email from them, it still had me living in WI. Today’s email has me in the correct town and state!

Let’s hear it for nasty emails doing the trick. I was pretty steamed I will admit.
I wasn’t really nasty, but I sure wasn’t happy!


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