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Dye Hair White

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White Hair Dye

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dye my hair white (read all 3 entries…)
White beard.

The white beard (and hair, but I don’t have very much of that).

I’ve had a number of reactions. (Including, but not limited too, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like a much nicer person now. More like Santa Claus.” and “Oh! You did a Gandalf!” and lots of plain “I like it.”)

The beard is more yellow than I’d like, but less yellow than I feared.

As you can see in the above picture the roots are still their original (or close to) red(ish) colour. I’ll wait for a few days or maybe a week (letting my sore skin heal after two bleaches the same evening) and then have another go at it.

I also intend to buy some silver shampoo to counter the yellow tinge. I’d rather end up with greyish-white, than blondish hair.

Oh, by the way, I ended up using “Jane Hellen Mood”, “Blond Level 4” for the bleaching/dyeing. The package doesn’t specificly say “bleach”, but it worked about as good as could be expected. It was much cheaper than most other brands (45 sek, where most where priced around 80 sek in the local supermarket, and 100 to 120 sek in a more expensive make-up store).


bout hair

You can bleach your hair again if you put on and rub your beard &chin & cheek skin with a hair product called mayonaise moisturizer from any beauty supply store if you look it is a conditioner thick and for the hair its yellow sometimes it has little herbs in it that doesnt affect the out come. Then I have used a product called flashlightning by manic panic but you need to up grade the lift to level 500 if you cant get 50 40 will do. after applying the heavy conditioner leave it in it will protect your beard and skin mix the powder with the liquid making sure that the mixer is around the same texture as pancake mix (Wet) apply it heavy and put a plastic bag or wrap making sure you cut a hole for breathing take a blow dryer on low at times and high at times across the bag. Make sure the bag doesnt get to cold and the bleach on your beard never gets dry. Drying stops the solution from working. Figure around 45-60 min. wash and condition.


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