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Poetry Man I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth

tell my favorite 43Ters my 5 favorite things about them (read all 9 entries…)
5 things that Make Unc One of a Kind

I think Unc may be the most misunderstood user on 43T. Those of us who took the time to get to know him know what a great guy he is. Those who didn’t, fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke. Here are 5 things I most respect about him. Don’t worry Unc, I’m going to try and keep the flowery language at a minimum and keep your reputation intact.

1. He’s honest: If I have talked to him about it, I know where he stands on it. I truly appreciate that. Even when we don’t agree (Islam for example) and even when he gives me a truth that is hard to swallow (his views on how many of my students care for example), I always value his opinions. He enjoys open dialogue, something that is damn hard to find nowadays.

2. He cracks me up: I know his brand of humor isn’t for everyone, but I at least think he is fucking hilarious. His jokes, his avatars, his photoshopped pictures, all of it. Even some of his goals, like the one about re-introducing the word rat bastard into conversaton, crack me up. I think his humor is a lot like George Carlin’s. It either pisses you off or cracks you up.

3. He knows his shit: Unc doesn’t just rely on loud opinions and jokes to make his points. He actually puts facts into what he says. Even when I do disagree with him, he makes a damn fine case using actual evidence. For a while, I thought it would be great if he had a radio show, especially if he let me be his co-host, but I realized that wouldn’t do. All of those assholes on talk radio are just hot air. Actual intelligent discussion seems to have no place there.

4. He tells people how he feels: It is rare to find men who are open with others about how they feel about the women in their life and about their children. It is also rare to find men who openly appreciate the women in their life and their children. Of all the things I respect about Unc, these two traits are definitely the things I respect the most.

5. He taught me how things work in Tijuana: I could make this a serious point about how he is willing to give me all sorts of advice about anything that he thinks I should know. However, instead, I think I will just let this serve as a way to ensure that his reputation isn’t damaged too much.

Coming Soon: My five favorite things about my favorite goddess.


Jesus jumped up Christ!


Man, Jamie…what the hell do I say to THIS?

I guess…just...thank you, my friend, I’m honored, embarrassed and humbled.

And I just told Seren not to tell you it made me cry. I am SUCH a fucking pussy…

Poetry Man I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth

You're more than welcome

I try to save your reputation at the end and look what you do…

I know, I know...

I, too, am my own worse enema enemy.

(This comment was deleted.)

Poetry Man I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth

I am amazed

at the number of people whu run away or get all offended and uptight over the things he says. I would love to bring him in as a guest speaker in my class and let him say whatever he wanted about the way our society runs from discourse and the way everything has become overly politically correct. He could even tell them I was full of shit if he wanted. I would probably get fired because of the very issues I would have him talk about, but I would go out in a blaze of glory. LOL

Psst: Don’t tell anyone, but a lot of the people here at school think I am either a loudmouth or a doormat and don’t even look for much else.

(This comment was deleted.)

Loudmouth vulgarities?


Under most conditions I’m a fairly soft spoken sort.

Or if not exactly “soft spoken” certainly not loud.



Thanks, Sis.

It’s nice to have you as a friend.

Contemplative Jenn is spinning the web of a new history

Oh Jamie, you encapsulated Unc so well

And for a man like Unc, who eschews encapsulation, you deserve real kudos for your sincere, astute representation. I have experienced most of what you describe at some point in my relatively new but treasured friendship with this man, but no need to reiterate. Suffice it to say he’s raised my spirits, and my hackels, on several occasions, and touched my heart on a few as well. He’s special, in any number of ways.

What a fitting (and Unc-reddening) tribute.

I bet he blushed before he cried.

Poetry Man I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth

I try to write these entries

so that they capture the sense of the person I am writing about while still clearly coming from me. I think I did a pretty good job in this one of capturing the flavor of Unc’s personality in this one.

I have a question for you, though. You said you have experienced most of what I wrote about here as well. When did Unc teach you how things work in Tijuana? :)

Contemplative Jenn is spinning the web of a new history

Well, not Tijuana

He hasn’t had reason to impart that specificity of life lesson on me, but he has taught me other things, like how to (not) be a dumbass. ;)

Poetry Man I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth


He’s kind of in the middle of giving me a similar lesson right now, too. He’s also currently teaching me how to tell people who get in my business to fuck off. They really should offer college courses in these sorts of things.

First, thanks again for your nice comments.

I love them, but find them rather embarrassing…still…thank you.

I’ve been thinking about your reticence to tell people to “fuck off.”

You are certainly not the only one that suffers from that malady. One has only to cruise Zeitgeist here to see all the goals concerning being more assertive and et cetera to realize that.

Well, it seems to me that one could construct an argument that this “disease” is yet another result of the growing (and dangerous, never mind stupid) influence of political correctness.

PC seems to have at it’s heart, a granite like prohibition against offending anyone over anything at any time, regardless of what it is or it’s validity…and I don’t think it would be a difficult posit to make that the logic of this pervasive, idiotic thinking leads one to exactly the position of being a supplicant to anyone with a stronger personality.

I think that’s especially true with people of an age to have largely grown up with the influence of this mind-rotting societal infestation. People YOUR age and younger, for example.

Or…I could just be full of shit.

But I doubt it.

Yes, I blushed.

Not something I do often, I’ll have you know.

You happy now?

And what hackles might I have raised?

That can’t possibly be true.

And, Jenn…I feel really good being counted as one of your friends.

Thank you.

Contemplative Jenn is spinning the web of a new history


Yes. Very. A little blushing never hurt anyone, my friend.

And a little hackle-raising. It’s all food for thought, you know?

In retrospect, I don’t even think it has amounted to hackle-raising. More like a vague bristling. And I enjoy a good bristling.


I don’t care much for the word “hackles.”

Sounds ugly, I think.

“Bristling” is much better.

Poetry Man has gotten 7 cheers on this entry.


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