Eat only what my body needs to function at its best (read all 6 entries…)
Big sigh!

I feel like this goal is going to be continual….I just can’t see at the present moment the point at which I will just be able to eat what my body needs. I have always been a comfort eater and have found that since returning to uni all my insecurities have resurfaced and I eat to combat them. I am even eating after dinner when my partner is on the phone to whoever…it is my guilty secret. I hate it, I feel like I am back in highschool where it all began. I have even thought about going to overeaters anonymous, but don’t know if I would fit in or am emotionally ready. If I had my way, I would step out from my world for 6 months, go to a retreat and just really focus on myself and my issues.


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