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joie de vivre I'm back now

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Is this a ding letter?

I can’t tell if this is a ding letter, or just a “hold on, and we’ll get in touch with you” letter:

Thank you for your interest in the position of , with . All applications are currently being reviewed and decisions for the first round are being made this week. Candidates who are not able to meet this first round will be notified some time during the week of March 24th.

We appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that you took in introducing yourself and your work through your cover letter and resume. We will keep in touch and in the interim, wish you well in your search.

What do you think?


Cloudberry is a tomato plant with her roots nestled in rich compost.

sounds to me

like you should take them at their word and assume you’re in the running. Otherwise why would they give you information on how decisions are being made?

I agree with you, though, the second paragraph is a little waffle-y.

Jim Carson This space intentionally left blank.

DCUWCU letter

It’s not too different from:

“We are experiencing higher than expected call volume. Your call is important to us. Please hold. Your call will be answered in the order received.”

It’s just a fricking form letter. Nothing should be inferred.

(This comment was deleted.)

joie de vivre I'm back now

thank you for your kind words!

Silvie Hiding the FB button behind another button does not really work :((

It's a...

‘if you don’t hear by the 24th then thank you and goodbye’ letter. So I reckon you are still in the running until then.

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