purplefibermom looking forward and not back

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"Trying" geocaching

has turned into an obsession. My youngest and my oldest are both into it. We have been having fun finding these all over town – every park is loaded with them. Even places you would least expect to find them…
We are hoping to do a lot of hiking and geocaching in the N. Georgia mountains over spring break.



I think so too...

very addicting! I love to go geocaching with my sons. How many have you found so far? Which was your favorite cache so far?

purplefibermom looking forward and not back

we have found

21 so far. I enjoy solving the puzzle type – just for the added challenge. We all prefer the larger sized caches that have stuff for trading. I’m really into moving travel bugs around now.

I really don’t like micros – especially those out in the middle of busy areas. My oldest tells me I’m really bad at looking stealthy. ;)

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